Hungary & History


Ranging from the tragic to the glamorous, every country I’ve visited thus far has its own unique and fascinating history. Most famous attractions have historical merit and I’ve been visiting bookstores along the way; adding both fiction and non-fiction to my travel reads lists to help me deepen my knowledge of each country’s culture and history.

I picked up a lot of great fiction and non-fiction…

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Travel Reads III: Vienna & Nostalgia

Travel Reads III: Vienna & Nostalgia


While the Czech Republic and Poland supplied me with an excellent array of national literature, Austria was a bit different. Vienna was the city where we spent the least time and comparatively three nights felt like a whirlwind. In such a beautiful city there is simply too much to see in less than four days.

Our busy schedule left little time for exploring bookshops, but the few we did manage to…

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Whirlwind Travelling and What is Lost

Whirlwind Travelling and What is Lost


Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. I love getting out of my usual routine and exploring new places. Reading and studying different countries is one thing, but travelling transplants you into their history and culture in a way that’s impossible from inside your own borders.

For me travelling is about learning; experiencing new things and getting to know new places. On the other hand,…

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Travel Reads II: Czech Republic

Travel Reads II: Czech Republic


Finding new reading material in the Czech Republic was slightly more difficult than in Poland. I couldn’t get recommendations from locals and bookstores with English editions of Czech books are few and far between. Finally, I ended up in a bookstore that had a healthy section of translated Czech literature; here’s what I found.

1. Farewell Waltz by Milan Kundera
This fast-paced comedy is set over…

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Gogol, Nabokov and the Incomplete Novel

Gogol, Nabokov and the Incomplete Novel


Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls is a Russian literature classic that’s been at the top of my to be read list for quite some time. The edition I read was divided into two parts. The first being the complete manuscript Gogol published in 1842 and the second containing fragments of the next part of the novel, which he never completed.

Part One was a great read, full of gregarious characters, rambling…

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Travel Reads: Poland


After two weeks of travelling around Poland I’ve visited lots of bookstores and gotten quite a few reading recommendations. Since my knowledge of Polish literature is pretty much non-existant, everything is new to me and my reading list has grown rather quickly.

So, without further ado, here are the top five works of Polish literature that have been added to my reading list.

1. The Elephant by S…

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North Korea is Not Joke

North Korea is Not Joke

A few days ago a <a href=”″>BBC article about the new movie The Interview came up on my newsfeed, claiming that North Korea is threatening war over the film’s release. Most people reacted to this post with laughter; in response to not only the film’s trailer, but also to North Korea’s reaction.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on that bandwagon at first.…

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Recommended Reading: Girl, Interrupted

Recommended Reading: Girl, Interrupted


Girl, Interrupted was a thrift store find. I had seen the movie but had never heard of the book. Clocking in at a little over 150 pages, I knew it would be a short, easy read. When I picked it up before bed the other night, I ended up reading well into the night and got up the next morning to finish it off: here’s why.

The book recounts Susanna Kaysen’s stay in a mental institution in the 1960s…

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